Welcome to Bikalpa Gyan Tatha Bikas Kendra

Know Us

Bikalpa Gyan Tatha Bikas Kendra is an organization working for children with special focus indigenous and marginalized women and children. It is a non – government non political and nonprofit making organization. It commits to practice Nonviolence and work for Justice and Peace with special focus on education.

Its main office is situated in Kathmandu. Most of the programs and activities of Bikalpa aim at seeking, searching and creating alternative solution and ways to address the problems. It believes that development comes from within with the resources available, with the knowledge and wisdom the people have and the skills they are experts of. Bikalpa is a message that Small is beautiful. We envision our programs as an alternative model that can be duplicated or modified to suite to different situations and contexts.

Children are at the Core of all Bikalpa's program. We work with the families, mothers, school systems to support the growth and development of a child. Bikalpa’s core activities are focused on alternative education, peace and non violence, leadership, income generation and advocacy and campaigning.


Bikalpa programs are run with the philosophy of "Small is beautiful", and believe in "Learning by Doing" trying to "Learn and Earn and Earn and Learn" and focus on "What we have and what we know".

  • Bikalpa visualizes:

    that every child will be able to participate in the education system with dignity and be an active part of the society.

    a normal, balance, just and peaceful society where every human being including the planets, the plants and all the living things can live together with dignity and peace.

Our Journey

Bikalpa Gyan Tatha Bikas Kendra began as an eighteen months program for young indigenous Tamang women. It was a response to the urgent need that indigenous children and young women were always denied of basic education. Because of extreme poverty, no access to any development programs, cultural barriers and a notion that girls should not be educated, many children in the rural as well as the outskirts of Kathmandu were and are still denied education. Many children were outside the main education system. The children and the youths because of poverty work to make their living and to support their family. Bikalpa began as an alternative for those children and young women to be able to learn and earn and still be able to fulfilling their dream of learning to read and write.

Bikalpa began by offering young indigenous women literacy classes, skills trainings for a total of eighteen months and made them confident to take care of their own life and their family back in their villages. The children were assisted even to carry out their own micro business making them economically independent and recognizable as an important family member. Believing in Chinese saying:

I hear, I forget,

I see, I remember,

I do, I understand,

Looking back today, Bikalpa Gyan Tatha Bikas Kendra has touched the lives of children, adolescents ( Kishoree), women from different walks of life, educators, teachers, policymakers and most prominently communities that are vulnerable. Till date it still works diligently for the betterment of children, women, adolescents and schools. ( see its different programs)

Executive Board

Bikalpa Gyan Tatha Bikas Kendra is governed by a Board of Directors composed of seven members. The Board of Directors is the Executive Committee. An additional of 11 members are chosen as the Council Members.

Bikalpa Gyan Tatha Bikas Kendra also has an active Advisory Board which consists of five members and is made of individuals with knowledge, experience and skills relevant is advising the Executive Board and to ensure that Bikalpa’s activities are securely anchored to the organization’s mission and goals.

Bikalpa Gyan Tatha Bikas Kendra Nepal is a non government organization governed by a board under the structure of the Government of Nepal .The current board (2021) comprises of :

Ms. Stella Tamang


Dr. Tseten Yonjen Tamang


Ms. Bina Tamang


Mr. Bhim Bahadur Tamang


Ms. Uma Tamang


Ms. Benu Rana


Mr. LR Tamang


Ms. Anjala Jha


Our Team

Bikalpa Gyan Tatha Bikas Kendra currently has five operational Units namely Administration, Finance, Programs, Logistics and Communications. Each Unit has its respective Unit Incharges and team members. The Executive Director is the person in charge of all the Units.

Helina Rai

Assistant Director & Administration

Maya Tamang


Sushma Limbu


Devika Sunuwar


Ishwori Kulu




PARTAGE is a French humanitarian organization, independent of any political or religious affiliation. It funds to help the needy children, to provide them with regular income over long term and culture of children. The association supports other projects with the most disadvantaged children. Today it helps more than 167,000 children and 32,000 adults direct beneficiaries.

Global Fund for Women, USA

For Young Women Leaders Mentorship Initiatives.

Individual Donors

Bikalpa welcomes the cash and in-kind support of individual donors and informal groups.